Autumn Harvest

It’s officially fall (well, it has been for a while already, but I’ve tried to stick it out in summer clothes) because today I had to give up my ballerina-shoes; it was too chilly outside to walk with them to the university. Other sign of fall is also summerjob-hunting. Yes, I know it’s bit early, but I realized I might not have the possibility to make a portfolio in Asia, so I’d better start thinking about it now.

Since this is also a photoblog, I decided to add few of my favorite work-shots from last summer. Making my mind up about the pictures that fit in my portfolio is just hard. What are the employers looking for?

These pictures belong to Auranmaan Viikkolehti (Priimus).

This was fun to shoot. The boy in the picture graduated from high school last spring.

Showmanship, well there's something I had never heard of before. I learned that cows can eat your skirt, if they got nothing better to do. 🙂

Soccer-school for families. Technically the picture is bad, because the sky burned, but I just love the young gentleman Onni showing of his talents.

Radioamateur, this was one of the most intresting gigs all summer.


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