Days of rain and stress

The trip is getting very very close, I’m excited and at the same time completely stressed out about the un-checked points on my to-do-list. I’m leaving Tampere already tomorrow for Turku, to spend my last Finnish-weekend for a while with family and some friends. So I got a whole lot of packing to do. But packing is just hard. How can I fit all I need in 3 months to a 60 litre backpack? I just wouldn’t want to give up all the tops and matching skirts. Not to mention, how to find room for all the lovely things I find (and just h-a-v-e to buy) during the trip. Traveling in many countries also means the backpack can’t be too heavy, or otherwise it’s too painful to carry it around. We don’t really have a plan, but the final strategy is to visit Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, leading us back to Vietnam. But we’ll see how we have time and do we have to skip something…

So this last week before entering the possibly rainy Hanoi (according to forecasts), I’ve been running from place to place in rainy Tampere. I’ve been trying to get some school-stuff done, so that I could get at least a little bit forward with my studies despite the long vacation. So I’ve spent time with two of my MA courses, sports and studio photography. I still have to take some sporty-pictures from Vietnam or Bali to pass the course… But here’s some homework I’ve already finished.

I know this isn't perfect, but I like it. Thanks for my friend K for modeling.

These I took to practice studio stuff (lighting etc.) but it's taken at my apartment with two normal flashes, a transmitter and with a reflector.









Okay, it was a whole new deal with photographing products. For shiny objects my “homestudio” didn’t quite do it, since you can see reflections of some colorful stuff from the watch I shotted…

 And then there was the soccer match between TPV and Ilves-Kissat we crashed with the whole class. I swear none of the pictures from the first half-time were accurate! I’ve only photographed children’s games before so a match between adults was much more fast-paced. In the end, I suprised even myself with some nice shots I got after all. I took most of the soccer-pictures with a 70-200 or 70-300 mm lens, but also used a wide angle for a while.

   So this is what I’ve been up to these past few days. But next week will involve some serious traveling and vacationing. I’ll hopefully be able post from somewhere along the Vietnam’s coast. 🙂


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