Ha Noi and Long

The traffic is chaotic, people are friendly (even though you can’t trust in the prices they’re offering) and you can see grilled dogs in the street kitchens: we’re definately in Vietnam. It might take a while to get used to this…

We landed in Hanoi with a nice 24 celcius degrees weather, so it’s quite all right. First day it was raining so we just strolled on the streets of old quarter and planned what to do next, and bought a two-day trip to Halong Bay. There has been some accident’s with the boats there, but we decided to spend the night in the boat anyway, so that we had time for kayaking (It was fun!). We got some discount for a luxury visit, since the not-so-luxury-boat was broken in the tropical storm that raged here on monday. Not sure if this was a way of getting more money out of us, but in the end we paid only 10 dollars more, and get a room with air conditioning etc.

Halong Bay was as beatiful as promised but I believe it would have been even better with some sunshine. We haven’t seen the sun yet, so we have high expectations for the southern parts…

Otherwise Vietnam has been charming. I’m stunned how quickly I got used to the traffic. Crossing the street is now possible without getting myself killed, even though I thought otherwise when I first saw the roads. The key is to be calm, you can’t walk too fast and you just have to be brave enough to stand between the cars and mopeds.

The open bus is picking us up in few minutes to Hue, so the next 12 hours we’ll spend in a night bus. I hope I get some sleep. Otherwise I can play this new game J invented: how far can you get in here without seeing any mopeds when you look outside? At the moment our best score is 13 seconds. The goal is to reach one minute. 🙂

I’ll try to upload some pictures as soon as I have the time and place to do that.


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