Stuck inside in the flooding Hue

So we got a sunny day like  I hoped. But that was yesterday. It’s been training all day today which made us cancel our motorbike tour we had planned (and partly paid for). Only walking few blocks to a near-by restaurant and to this internet cafe got us soaking wet. And yes, we had rain coats on! The streets are flooding, there are 5-15 cm deep puddles all over.

This is what Hue looked like today.

So to cheer up this rainy day, here’s some tourist-snapshots from the first week in Vietnam. We’ll see if the roads are still in driving condition tomorrow morning after the heavy rain. If so, we’ll continue with the open bus towards famous beach-city Nha Trang through Hoi An.

Cyclo driver in Hanoi.

The Bridge of the Rising Sun, at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.

I think the view from this cave was even more amazing than the cave itself (which wasn't bad either).

Ha Long means decending dragon, and the story tells that's how these islands were formed.

Arriving in Halong Bay. I have a feeling the boats aren't the eco-friendliest kind...

This dog was the cutest sight in Halong! 🙂

The Perfume River is filled with lights at nighttime.

Scary spiders on a bridge in Hue.


One thought on “Stuck inside in the flooding Hue

  1. Hei jee, täällä olikin jo kolme päivitystä matkalta, vaikka aattelin, ettet olisi ehkä ehtinyt vielä kirjoittaa mitään! Hyvä, että ootte ehjinä perillä ja että kaikki on ilmeisesti mennyt toistaiseksi hyvin!

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