Life’s totally a beach at Bali

Last few days have been interesting because we’ve seen so different places. Sunday we spent in buzzing Ho Chi Minh City and in the historical Cu Chi tunnels (those tunnels have been actually enlarged for tourist but are still soooo small. Got to give some credit to the soldiers of Vietnam war and really start considering dieting…).

Todays tourists have a hard time fitting into Cu Chi tunnels.

Monday and tuesday we spent, ah, in so air-conditioned and clean Singapore.

The Singapore-view from Marina Bay at night is quite impressive.

And now, finally we’re in Bali, which feels like a mixture of Vietnam and Singapore. Most delighting thing is that people speak pretty good English, and you can actually have conversations when in Vietnam we got mostly sharp “Yes” or “Nooo-no-no-nooo”. What’s great too is that for the first time during this trip we can stay still for a while and might actually sleep in the mornings, with no worries of catching a bus etc.

Dogs like to hang out at Seminyak beach too.

The only thing I have to stress about now is the unfinished homework for school for sports photography. There seems to be no games or matches anywhere here. Guess I just have to hang on the beach few days and catch some pics of surfers… Luckyly beach and surfers are probably the easiest things to find in Bali.


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