Shopping & Sunshine Prices

After we left Vietnam, I’ve been suffering from this personal money crisis, because everything feels so expensive after the dongs. The fact, that no money is coming in to my account, but more and more is going for travel and accommodation expenses on this long journey, is like turning the knife in the wound. Not to mention, there’s no endlessly room in my bag to carry new stuff so I can’t buy much anything, which increases my shopping-depression. So I decided to cheer the shopaholic in me up, by writing about the all the possibilities I can’t always grab.

Hoi An in Vietnam is a place where you can get everything tailor-made. Had we stayed there longer, I had probably ordered every other dress I saw in my size...

Even the Vietnamese prices felt sometimes expensive though and I didn’t spend that much. (I’m actually a bit proud of myself, of how well I have been able to resist all the temptations. :)) There I usually ended up picking the meal in the restaurant that was 40 000 dongs, because the one that was 60 000 (1 euro is about 26 000 dongs) felt so much more expensive. Funny. After we left the country I realized how little everything really cost.

What comes to shopping I reached my personal paradise in Singapore, on Orchard road where there is hundreds of ways to spend all the dollars. For me the ultimate shopping-heaven though was Forever21 (Now my mom probably does oh-noes back home, but don’t worry, your credit account remains still intact.), clothing store I first came to know in the US, and have been fanatical about it since. It’s a must sight, if I travel to a place where it exists.

Wisdom in the Orchard roads shopping center in Singapore.

Not to underestimate shopping in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam also have a lot to offer. What is great in Asia, is, that you’ll probably find anything you need, by just standing on the beach or on the street. That’s a downside too though, because many times you’ll end up buying something even when you don’t want to. My weakness are the bracelets they sell around beaches… The hawkers usually offer everything from manicure and massage to mangos. The prices they might ask are sometimes ridiculous though, even they say it’s a special “sunshine” or “sunset” price depending on the time of the day “just for you my friend”. And always, tomorrow it will be more expensive. So good bargaining skills are needed. My style is to act cute and innocent when I hear the price, for example “Oh, I would have bought that for 10 000, but now I can’t”. Sometimes in the end the price has come down 80 percent, sometimes only 30. Sometimes I’m left empty-handed.

On Friday we fly off to Kuala Lumpur. Well see how tight the strings in my purse stay in Malaysia…


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