Halfway There

Can’t believe we’re past the middle of our journey already. Though it feels like we’ve seen and done a lot, there’s no time to do everything I wanted. So I was kind of grieving inside when we realized in Kuala Lumpur, that we have no time for Borneo. Nor can we visit the National Park Taman Negara, since it’s rainy season, and we heard leeches are “unavoidable” when it’s wet. So we decided directly to head to the places in Malaysia that don’t suffer from monsoons as much. The islands on the west coast. We also made a pact to come back for Borneo and Taman Negara with better timing and equipment.

We saw many animals in KL Towers animalzone. These turtles had an appetite almost like my pet red-ear turtles back home.

My disappointment faded almost entirely when we arrived to Pulau Pangkor last night. The beautiful island is all jungle from the middle, and it’s surrounded by emerald-green waters. There’s a lot of monkeys here and we heard that there should be also hornbills (sort of birds), so it relieves the fact of missing out all the animals in Taman Negara. We stay in a small town called Teluk Nipah, and since it’s low-season, it’s really quiet and peaceful. Many of the restaurants are closed, but there’s just enough services for us to get everything we need. Today we visited the Coral Island close Nipah Bay with kayak, and tomorrow we probably spend the day enjoying our new favorite past-time: snorkeling…

The beach in Teluk Nipah.

In the end of the week we plan to travel to Langkawi and then continue to Thailand to meet J’s uncle, who  is currently on a vacation in Pattaya.

Did I already mention there's monkeys on Pangkor Island? 🙂

The island is also a refreshing change after Kuala Lumpur. We are so used to water and beaches, that a big city felt overwhelming. But it was great to spend ‘normal’ weekend for a change. In addition to visiting the KL Tower and checking the Petronas Towers (they were sadly closed for visitors until December because of some sort of reconstruction) we went to the movies and shopping!

The swirling landmark of Kuala Lumpur: Petronas Towers.

Sharks Night was an ok film, when we only paid under two euros to see it.


Christmas is in the tropics! Holiday Greetings from Pavilion Mall in KL.



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