Omg, what a feeling to be home after 3 months! It’s weird, and I’m tired and messed up, but loving every minute of it. Coming home has just been full of wonderful surprises, starting from the lovely reception committee at the airport. And what would be a better time to come back than Christmas? Landing straight in the middle of family and mom’s delicious cookings.

Also, I was pleased to find out that even though I had a backbag full of memories and souvenirs, I had left something in Asia. Some people where asking if I had lost weight, which I thought wasn’t possible with the diet consisting of greasy restaurant food almost everyday during the trip, but the scale thought otherwise. I had lost about 8 kilos (that’s like 16 pounds?). Fortunately, I made up for the loss over Christmas dinner and probably gained at least half of the lost kilos back.

On top of everything, on Christmas eve my family pulled the most succesful trick on me ever, as they pretended they had forgotten to buy me much presents. I wouldn’t had wondered it otherwise, but the weird part was that my brother was well taken into account and we usually get equal-prised presents. That’s why I was getting a bit jealous. To comfort myself, I reached out to the ginger bread jar I had got, and I was stunned to find my very first smart phone inside. I was just shocked going from no presents to probably the best and most expensive present I have ever got. Nokia N9, of course magenta-coloured! I’m in love. I couldn’t wish for a better present, or parents. 🙂

Being home in Finland makes me also delighted about the fact, that I can actually talk Finnish again, and I’m able to chat and meet with my friends. Well, naturally we talked Finnish all the time with J, but it has just been interesting to discover that I use a different tone with him, and now I had to learn to talk like normal people do again. And ever tried to get men understand girl-world? It’s just good to have the circle of friends around me again.

Back in the crazy traffic of Hanoi!

Well, leaving and coming back wasn’t all fireworks though, since I already had started feeling at home in Asia too. Especially in Hanoi, it felt a bit like home because it was the destination where we started, so we already had come back. Even though I hate the in-your-face attitude of cyclo-drivers and hawkers in Hanoi, the city also felt cozy because we sort of had friends there, our small Scandinavian-safe-haven. We met J’s former classmate and I bumbed accidentally to an old friend in a cafe (again: what a small world!). We also saw two Swedish girls, that we got to know in the night bus to Hanoi from Luang Prabang, few times. Having people around to whom I can say “hi” to, always makes me feel slightly more at home.

But now I’m home for real. We’ll see how long my excitement about coming back lasts, it might be hard when Christmas-break ends and everyday life kicks in…

Btw, we did get to the Kuang Si Waterfall on the last day in Lao. And I'm glad we did, it certainly is one of the top 10 most beautiful places I've ever been to!


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