That Bachelorette-feeling

How it felt good being behind the camera today! Okay, I was taking photographs almost everyday while I was traveling in Asia, but I mean really being behind the camera: having the responsibility of photos turning out to be good and adjusting lights etc. No tourist-snapshots.

So I had this gig photographing a bachelorette-party. Their photographer had canceled at last minute (well, on Wednesday) and so one of the bridesmaids asked my friend K for help, and that’s how I ended up there.

It was so much fun to shoot the entourage of seven people with their costumes and it really brightened my weekend after a long and stressful week of studying and job-hunting (yes, still!). It was also nice to get encouraging feedback from them. Apparently I am easy to get a long with and posing for me felt comfortable, unlike their previous experiences with some photographers. Just the site (the bridesmaid’s home) was challenging, so I can’t wait to go  to school on Monday to do something to the ugly backgrounds in the pictures, since I still don’t have Photoshop on my home computer…

Here’s some preview of the pictures (I hope the bachelorette-celebrants won’t mind, after all they are in disguise. :))

The Bachelorette party

Besides this fun gig I have to mention one other thing that has been cheering me up lately. It’s this soft toy gecko J bought from Cambodia. Go ahead and laugh, but since I don’t have a dog (yet ;)) it has become sort of a pet and talking to it is a fun inside joke between me and J. Oh, how many laughs can one soft toy bring…? And how crazy do you think I am now…? 🙂



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