Make it Mobile

Since I’ve started my studies in the University, my teacher has been praising the cameras of mobile phones, and how they are the future of news photography. So now he must be teaching us his ultimate favourite course about making videos — with mobile phones. Well, for our final video get to use the 5D Mark II -camera too.

I’m not so convinced about the quality of camera phones yet, and photographing with them feels a bit frustrating being used to my SLR. It’s annoying having to fight with focusing, and even though my N9 should be one of the quickest camera phones on the market right now, it too does freeze sometimes for a short but nerve-wracking moment. Why I go along with this camera phone playing, is that in the end it’s nice to have a camera with me ALL the time. Also, the possibilities these modern devices really offer is fascinating. I’m thinking I really have to try once how for example updating my blog would work just using my cell. And it’s pretty cool to learn how to make videos! I had my first touch to the video-editing program Final Cut yesterday, and our class did leave me hungry for more. Maybe I’ll try to practice it during the weekend just for fun…

The pictures I can take with my N9 are pretty neat after all. We had to practice using our camera phones by taking pictures of "light and shadow".

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I’ve also found a job for next summer! I’m going to be a photo editor in Finland’s biggest tabloid-newspaper. My task is basically to search and select the pictures that are going to be published and take care that the photographers know where they are supposed to be and when. I’m so gratified about the opportunity since at the moment being a photo editor, AD or layout manager is what I want to do when I “grow up”. πŸ™‚ But more about work when it’s to-date at summer.