Friday Brunch

Ah, Spring. It’s so innocent, lovely, warm and sunny when it comes and sometimes I can’t help but to smile. Until I remember the reality that comes with the summer that’s following just around the corner: friends are separated all over Finland (or in worst case over the world!) because of work etc. Today I still had the change to enjoy brunch with my friends. It was needed, since this has been a busy and stressful week for me, trying to get my first video ever made and photographing some studio assignments. Struggles with the video brought me new self-confidence with still-photography. Being so helpless in making video has made me realize I’m actually a pretty good still-photographer. I just should remember it when doing (and prizing!) gigs!

My friend K is in this Buzzador-campaign, so she got some tea-samples to "buzz" her friends with. We decided to have a brunch to taste them. Hope that K keeps having these great product samples later too! 😛

Hope we still have time for some springy get-together’s with the friends that are here.

Cream filled chocolate muffin, strawberries (!) and black bergamot tea enjoyed with friends. Could it get any better? ❤

Though, after next week I’m going back to my hometown to for three weeks (to work), then this semester is already almost over and summer jobs start. Seriously, should I already be saying ‘see you in September’ to people in Tampere? Depressing.

I know, I’ve been anyway awfully different from my usual over-optimistic-me personality lately. I should just seize the moment when the sun is still shining, and figure out the rest later… Maybe I just let all the stupid things wait at least until September? Ha!


Flower Power


Just a quick picture post, before I start writing my essay that’s due next week. Thought a picture of lovely tulips (that’s taken with my new superb lens!) might bring some life to this tired, essay-avoiding body of mine. 🙂

Flower power!

I got the idea from my friend Z, who just posted about the tulips she got last week for women’s day.

(I’m a bit jealous, because I didn’t get any flowers, the tulips in the picture are my mom’s…)

Spring Inspiration

Finally it’s possible to feel the warming sun and actually see something outside here in Finland too since it’s not dark all the time. I just love the first days of spring. If you look at the weather outside, this time our “winter holiday” (it’s really a weeks break meant for studying, but don’t wait for me essay…) couldn’t have a better timing. And first time in a long long while, I got inspired to do handicrafts.

The promise of the approaching summer always brings me this yearning for freshness and change. So I started by wanting a new wallpaper for my cell and took this photo.

Ah, love this picture for its colors...

But I’ve been strolling around clothing stores and that left me wanting for more, even though since I bought the new lens for my camera, I’m on a tight budget and strictly forbidden to buy new clothes (apparently fleemarket-clothes don’t count…). Staring at the two pairs of earrings I bought from Paris last fall, I got an idea. I decided to make a new spring-scarf by myself!

These gave the idea...

These gave me the idea...

I guess studying photography and living on my own (living adult life you know, paying bills etc.) has kept me too busy and killed all the creativity from my free time. So it felt so good to actually do something with my own hands for the first time in many years. I was surprised I actually got something done! I usually have thousands of ideas, but most of the time they just stay in my head… Well, maybe in several cases it’s only good that way. 😀 Anyway, I’m pleased that pile of fabric wasn’t completely ruined, or what do you think?

First I designed the pattern...

...and painted.

Then I added something pink, and later on some flowers.

And here's the outcome. Tadaa! 🙂

P.S. All of the pictures in this post are taken with Nokia N9, if you’re wondering about the quality. Not too bad, but I guess my canon and new lens could do so much better!


I’ve been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I caught a cold. I survived long without it, but I guess it was inevitable that I got it too, since it’s been going around in the university. The cold was quite persistent, I still have a running nose and low voice as a remainder from it, but otherwise I’m getting my strength back.

And it has actually been nice having had a reason to just stay home avoiding to-do-list, even though I’m so sad I missed my friend’s birthday and other friend’s “cake-evening” because of the flu. But instead I’ve had time to watch dumb chick-flicks and make master plans for spring and summer (and it isn’t always easy for my wallet…). I have a feeling this might be one of the most expensive weeks for me, but hey, there’s always a student loan, right?

First of all, I just bought flights for May! We are going to do this amazing 10 day trip with my friend to southern Europe. We’re going to drive from Barcelona to Nice! Well, I have more details later and when the trip is actually happening, but how awesome it that? I just wish I’d still have time and money, on the top of this trip, to visit my friends who are doing exchange semesters abroad, but we’ll see… Luckily they’ll be back for summer! ❤

Secondly, I’ve been drooling for this new lens (CANON EF 24-105/4 L IS USM) for a year, and it happens to be on sale this weeks Saturday in a Finnish photography shop. And I kind of think it’s now or never, because it’s 200 euros cheaper than normally…

And then, I’ve found an amazing place to stay for this summer in Helsinki. The rents are high there, but me and my friend managed to get this offer from a terraced house with two bedrooms, living room, work room, sauna, terrace, balcony and big kitchen for almost the same price that two-room apartments cost in that area… We’re going to see the place on Monday, but it sounded like the place is ours if we want it. I guess better not count one’s chickens before they are hatched, but I can’t help my excitement!

The only question is, how does a university student afford all this? No idea yet. Good I have at least a few shifts for a department store in April so I’m not depending only on my financial student aid…