Friday Brunch

Ah, Spring. It’s so innocent, lovely, warm and sunny when it comes and sometimes I can’t help but to smile. Until I remember the reality that comes with the summer that’s following just around the corner: friends are separated all over Finland (or in worst case over the world!) because of work etc. Today I still had the change to enjoy brunch with my friends. It was needed, since this has been a busy and stressful week for me, trying to get my first video ever made and photographing some studio assignments. Struggles with the video brought me new self-confidence with still-photography. Being so helpless in making video has made me realize I’m actually a pretty good still-photographer. I just should remember it when doing (and prizing!) gigs!

My friend K is in this Buzzador-campaign, so she got some tea-samples to "buzz" her friends with. We decided to have a brunch to taste them. Hope that K keeps having these great product samples later too! 😛

Hope we still have time for some springy get-together’s with the friends that are here.

Cream filled chocolate muffin, strawberries (!) and black bergamot tea enjoyed with friends. Could it get any better? ❤

Though, after next week I’m going back to my hometown to for three weeks (to work), then this semester is already almost over and summer jobs start. Seriously, should I already be saying ‘see you in September’ to people in Tampere? Depressing.

I know, I’ve been anyway awfully different from my usual over-optimistic-me personality lately. I should just seize the moment when the sun is still shining, and figure out the rest later… Maybe I just let all the stupid things wait at least until September? Ha!


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