It’s been almost illegally long from my last update, but I promise to make it up by being, if not super active, at least more active blogger for a while. I blame neglecting my blog on work and studies (my laziness and sloth have absolutely nothing to do with it!). A lot has been going on and I might be soon able to present here the results of some of the things I’ve done lately… This weeks is just about wrapping everything up since holiday is just around corner.

Anyhow, first I have to introduce a purchase that bolsters my identity as a photographer. I bought my first (and only?) vintage camera! I don’t know much about film cameras, so I got it to learn more about the time before digital photography. Because of studies I’ve been forced able to read the Visual Culture (edited by Evans and Hall), and the history associated to images and seeing is actually quite interesting.

So my project for the summer is to learn how to use my “new” mini-electro 35. I decided to buy exactly this one from the endless variety of internet’s vintage cameras because it looked cute and was actually originally bought to use from a camera store in my hometown Turku.

So cute and so vintage, isn't it?

It also seemed to be in a pretty decent shape but I figured I could also decorate my home with it, if it doesn’t work. Oh, and it was cheap.

There’s not a lot of information to be found on this camera in the internet though. I only know it’s probably Japanese and from the 60’s… Do you know something about this model?

I even got the original instruction manual with it. It's however only written in Swedish...


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