Back with a Big Bill

After a night of traveling I’m back to Finland safe and sound but officially broke. I somehow lived in this ever continuing Asia-dream before the trip and I convinced myself that traveling is always almost as cheap as in Asia. Well, Barcelona and the French Riviera pulled me back to reality quite quickly with their almost Finland-high prices. But the trip was worth of every spent penny. Even I’ve now crossed my lowest personal poverty line in my adulthood, we had so much fun! (Or I had, not sure K agrees with me that being stuck with me and my stories for 10 days is fun. ;))

Anyway we ended up staying in Barcelona for a couple of days and we could have stayed longer, but didn’t want to stay in the same crappy hostel kept by kind-of-cranky old lady who refused to speak anything else than Spanish and tried to overcharge us. Lucky for us, K has taken some Spanish classes… Thinking changing the hostel causes trouble anyway, after three nights we took a bus to laid-back Montpellier, hanged around there for two nights and then took the train to Nice (unfortunately there wasn’t a bus connection, ’cause trains are expensive…). From Nice we explored Monaco, small town Villefranche and the filmfestival-fever in Cannes. The busses are slow and crowded but it’s possible to get all the way from Nice to Cannes or to Monaco only with one euro! And the scenery at the Mediterranean sea is pretty incredible.

The weather was comfortably warm and sunny almost all the time so mine and K’s white Finnish skin got a nice light tan easily (read: burned. We had the British Glamour magazine as our traveling companion and we should have really revised the tanning tips… For some reason I was only interested in the tip: eat pizza, because tomato somehow helps you not to burn your skin so easily. So I just went to do as told. Mmmm…. Pizza). 😛

This was my second visit to France (first was the Paris-trip last fall) and I’m falling in love with French (and Southern European) food more and more every second I spend in that country. Now I sort of came obsessed with goat cheese, because it was just around every corner. I must have eaten chevré in every form possible; pizzas, wraps, paninis…. You name it, I most definitely ate it. 😀 Well, at least I have something to think back now that I’m doomed to eat only oat meal for a month with my current bank account balance.

I’ll post some pictures about everything in few days, as soon as I get my photos and brains sorted out of this travel fatigue!


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