Dog Fever

I’ve had some severe symptoms of dog fever for months now and visiting Barcelona and France didn’t really help. They have the cutest doggies over there. I want one!

I’m seriously starting to think about getting a dog after the summer… It would be better to take a puppy while I’m still studying so I would have more time to train it. Though, if I  graduated and had a job first, I would for sure have money to get the dog everything it needs. We’ll see. For sure I’ll continue at least dreaming about a puppy of my own. Maybe it’s going to be like the ones I saw on the journey…?

The one that eats tapas and the one to crash your picnic.

The one that likes birds.

The one that makes sure the beaches of French Riviera stay clean.

The one to understand if you had a rough day…

And the ones that know; it’s always better together. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dog Fever

  1. Ihana postaus! 🙂 Ota koira syksyllä, voidaan sit mennä yhessä lenkille, ku Mökö tulee varmaan meille hoitoon, kun K lähtee Australiaan.

    • No tekis kyl niiiiiiiin mieli ottaa! Mutta täytyy vähän katsella raha- ja asuntotilannetta, että onko se oikeesti mahdollista. Sullakun varmaan on kokemusta, niin onks junamatkustaminen muuten paljon kalliimpaa koiran kanssa? Vaikka ihan joku pikkupallero kyllä sit vaan olis tulossa, jos tulee. ^^

      • Muistaakseni koiran junalippu oli jotain 5-7e. Et ei mikään kovin paha. 🙂

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