Moving Anxiety

This is the week. This is the week that I move to Helsinki and my summer job starts. So this is the week that summer starts for real.

I’m nervous about moving and I’m nervous about my first day at work. Well, it’s only the second biggest newspaper in Finland. Big deal. Only like 700 000 people will see the outcome if I screw up. No reason to be nervous, right? Anyway, working is what I want to do now. It’s much more fun than studying and you get paid for it! So on the other hand I’m really excited. I just wouldn’t want go through the trouble of having to move AGAIN away for the summer. I hate picking up all my things and stuffing them to bags and boxes (see, I’m avoiding that right now by writing this). The worst part is dragging the bags to the new place. That should be counted as an Olympic-level sports performance.

I’ve just started to feel like home here again. Had the best day yesterday with my girlfriends. And mine and J’s small apartment finally starts to look nice (maybe my eyes just are getting used to all the junk). Feels bad to leave all of that behind for three months. I took pics of my favorite details in our home to relieve leaving and homesickness.

My newest interior design find: wall stickers from Maisons de Monde, Nice.

My flea market finds: pillow with the pink pattern and chair upholstered by my mom. The wall is covered with cards with a few of my favorite phrases.

Yay for jewelry trees. Life would be so hard without them, I would just lost all my earrings on the bottom of drawers etc.

The cutest lamp and wine bottles from Romania. It’s good J is colorblind so he doesn’t care about the colors that prevail in our home. 😉


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