What Really Matters

Okay, it’s time to forget everything else for a while: I have a huge crisis. What to wear to a class reunion?

I know it’s superficial, but somehow I’m totally stressed out about meeting old classmates on Saturday. Some say people take up their old roles in a reunion. And being unpopular-isolated-hippie-me is the last thing I need in my life now. That’s why I feel like I need to make it clear already with my appearance that I’m cool, successful and done well in my life (or that I’m at least okay, don’t treat me like in middle school, please).

The silliest part in this whole thing is that I’m the one who’s organizing the reunion with my friend. Me, outcast. Can you believe it? And then I’m so nervous about it?

Maybe part of this nervousness is caused by the fact why we decided finally to have a reunion. Almost exactly a year a go my best friend from elementary and middle school died accidentally (Now don’t get all sweepy on me).

Class reunion is just again one reminder of what we got through together, and S is not there to share all of it. I feel this is somehow like finding an closure. Even though we weren’t close anymore with S after middle school and we didn’t stay in touch much because we had so different lives, I’ve realized how much the time we spent together affected me. For over nine years we grew together. And I guess that’s what the reunion will clarify for me even more, I’m scared of all the memories.

Wish I had put that last facebook-comment under her picture I was going to, to make sure she knew I still cared. Suddenly it was too late. But luckily there still are the rest 30 of us to gather to the reunion.

For my friend S.


Endless Days and Days Off

It’s hard to believe it’s already Midsummer, because I still need a jacket every morning when I’m off to work. Well, it’s so Finland. Can’t complain really, because northern location brings light summer nights and I somehow find them atmospheric and delightful (in summer it’s always good to dodge the fact about the darkness that prevails for months in the winter…).

Finnish countryside, summer cottages, big bonfires, birches and luminous nights, that’s what Midsummer is all about. And surprisingly I’ve been somewhat enthusiastic about it even though I’m spending it in Helsinki. I’m still broke, because first pay check doesn’t come until the end of next week, but It doesn’t bother me that much, cause I can find the countryside-romance here too. And of course I don’t mind the extra-day off from work, no matter how much I like my work!

I took the following pictures from my jogging path, under a mile from our house.

On top of everything, I don’t have to cut down feasting even my bank account is empty. A nice radio and tv-channel brought us a Midsummer-greeting to our office, and I got fresh young potatoes, onions, dill and herring. Yammy!

Have a good Midsummer everyone!


Domestic Tourism

Summer work always ties down to Finland, so the joy of traveling has to be found in few days get-aways inside this small but versatile country. This past weekend I navigated my way to Pori, where J’s mom lives. I’ve mostly seen that city as miserable and mirthless, but in summertime it really blooms.

Saturday we spent in a picnic-heaven Kirjurinluoto (small island near city centre) and in a local karaoke bar (J is a karaoke addict). On sunday we rested our sleepy eyes and visited a car boot flea market.

I haven’t gotten involved with the Instagram-craze yet, but my weekends photos are filtered versions and taken with my smart phone. Didn’t wanna ruin the light summer weekend carrying a heavy 50 D.


Work, Work, Work

I promised to tell more about my summer job when it’s topical, but it’s more complex than I thought because there’s so much to learn and to remember. Now that I’ve worked over a week I finally start to realize a bit more of what’s my job really about. Every newspaper deals with their photographs and images differently and all papers don’t have photo editors (they probably have something equivalent though), but where there are, I’m sure they are needed. Or that’s how I feel after my busy week and a half as one.

My feelings at work have ranged from pure panic (how can I survive and remember everything?) to the joys of searching, finding and feeling responsible of the pictures and outcome. So what does a photo editor do? I can’t give a more compressed answer: everything [that has something to do with pictures]. We book the gigs for photographers and freelancers, come up with photos to the stories that can’t get photographed; in other words find and choose images that get published (in paper or online), make bookings for the newspaper’s studio, file photos to archive and search them there,figure out picture plans when there isn’t one, print some copies to editors and sometimes to corporate purposes, check if pictures sent in by readers can be published and so on… One night I even got to play photographer with Canon 1D Mark III when all the editorial photographers had gone home and we needed a picture of nose spray online.

Sometimes the job is easy: journalist wants to book a photographer for a gig next week, no problem. But sometimes they want the photographer no later than now. Or sometimes, there’s 30 minutes to the final deadline (meaning, to the moment the next days paper is sent to press) and you need to find a picture that’s taken like 5 minutes ago, if it has been taken at all, somewhere over the world. Yes, I already had to call to Norway one night… Of course  everything is done keeping in mind the price; that the outcome would look good but that the pictures wouldn’t become too expensive.

Now that I’m finally starting to remember all this, it starts to be fun! I mean, who wouldn’t like the feeling when you find the perfect picture it looks great in the paper? Or sifting through photos of soccer players, trying to find the hottest ones? 😉 And I’m sure seeing and handling the picture flow at work will give good ideas to my own photographs too. It remains to be seen. I’m still so new to this business that first I’m taking a day at a time, trying to concentrate on and survive the everyday life of a young photo editor…

Photographer’s Beauty

Now that I’ve had a few days to settle down in Helsinki, I’m already starting to notice the problem I have almost every summer: what to do, when all my favourite tv-shows are on a summer break the normal hobbies and chores are in Tampere? I’m trying to be inventive and pick up new things to do when I’m not too tired from work.

As a photographer I usually always concentrate more on other people’s beauty and other beautiful things. This summer I try to concentrate on myself a bit more. I’ve never been one of those girls who make up two hours every morning, spend at least the same time staring at themselves from the mirror and make face masks in the night. Well, I’m not going be that now either, but I figured taking small steps forward in caring how I look wouldn’t hurt either. And you never know when you need some products on a photo shoot to make your model look like exactly what you want. So my intention is to try out at least few things beside my normal make up, starting with these:

Dove summer glow; a moisturizer and mild self-tanner. After a few days of use I’m already starting to think that I should have chosen the darker option, cause I can see hardly any difference on my skin. But when I bought the lotion I got a hair-therapy sample for free. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward how it works for my hair. It has a hard task in front of it because even one hairdresser once said my “hair looks messy, now matter what I do with it. It’s just that kind.”

I’ve never been comfortable with lipstick, but still I’ve always wanted some color for my lips. This is the perfect product! Lobello Vitamin Shake takes care of lips and leaves a mild red color on them. And it doesn’t cost more than normal lip balms.