Here I Am

I’m still exhausted about moving and my first day at work, so I decided to make just a quick and shaky video post about K’s and mine summer-house here in Helsinki. I’ve also been addicted to this new Finnish Iholla (On the skin (?)) tv-show, where women film their private lives daily. I got inspired by it and just thought it would be funny to try it out, how does it feel to film myself and so on… Well, it’s not so fascinating anymore once you see yourself mumbling on the screen. 😀

Sorry English-speakers, my brains have had too much new information to process lately, so thinking in English was too hard right now and the video is in Finnish. But you don’t miss much, the video is taken with my Nokia N9 so the quality of picture and sound is really bad too… You can find the video of our summer place here.



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