Photographer’s Beauty

Now that I’ve had a few days to settle down in Helsinki, I’m already starting to notice the problem I have almost every summer: what to do, when all my favourite tv-shows are on a summer break the normal hobbies and chores are in Tampere? I’m trying to be inventive and pick up new things to do when I’m not too tired from work.

As a photographer I usually always concentrate more on other people’s beauty and other beautiful things. This summer I try to concentrate on myself a bit more. I’ve never been one of those girls who make up two hours every morning, spend at least the same time staring at themselves from the mirror and make face masks in the night. Well, I’m not going be that now either, but I figured taking small steps forward in caring how I look wouldn’t hurt either. And you never know when you need some products on a photo shoot to make your model look like exactly what you want. So my intention is to try out at least few things beside my normal make up, starting with these:

Dove summer glow; a moisturizer and mild self-tanner. After a few days of use I’m already starting to think that I should have chosen the darker option, cause I can see hardly any difference on my skin. But when I bought the lotion I got a hair-therapy sample for free. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward how it works for my hair. It has a hard task in front of it because even one hairdresser once said my “hair looks messy, now matter what I do with it. It’s just that kind.”

I’ve never been comfortable with lipstick, but still I’ve always wanted some color for my lips. This is the perfect product! Lobello Vitamin Shake takes care of lips and leaves a mild red color on them. And it doesn’t cost more than normal lip balms.


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