Endless Days and Days Off

It’s hard to believe it’s already Midsummer, because I still need a jacket every morning when I’m off to work. Well, it’s so Finland. Can’t complain really, because northern location brings light summer nights and I somehow find them atmospheric and delightful (in summer it’s always good to dodge the fact about the darkness that prevails for months in the winter…).

Finnish countryside, summer cottages, big bonfires, birches and luminous nights, that’s what Midsummer is all about. And surprisingly I’ve been somewhat enthusiastic about it even though I’m spending it in Helsinki. I’m still broke, because first pay check doesn’t come until the end of next week, but It doesn’t bother me that much, cause I can find the countryside-romance here too. And of course I don’t mind the extra-day off from work, no matter how much I like my work!

I took the following pictures from my jogging path, under a mile from our house.

On top of everything, I don’t have to cut down feasting even my bank account is empty. A nice radio and tv-channel brought us a Midsummer-greeting to our office, and I got fresh young potatoes, onions, dill and herring. Yammy!

Have a good Midsummer everyone!



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