What Really Matters

Okay, it’s time to forget everything else for a while: I have a huge crisis. What to wear to a class reunion?

I know it’s superficial, but somehow I’m totally stressed out about meeting old classmates on Saturday. Some say people take up their old roles in a reunion. And being unpopular-isolated-hippie-me is the last thing I need in my life now. That’s why I feel like I need to make it clear already with my appearance that I’m cool, successful and done well in my life (or that I’m at least okay, don’t treat me like in middle school, please).

The silliest part in this whole thing is that I’m the one who’s organizing the reunion with my friend. Me, outcast. Can you believe it? And then I’m so nervous about it?

Maybe part of this nervousness is caused by the fact why we decided finally to have a reunion. Almost exactly a year a go my best friend from elementary and middle school died accidentally (Now don’t get all sweepy on me).

Class reunion is just again one reminder of what we got through together, and S is not there to share all of it. I feel this is somehow like finding an closure. Even though we weren’t close anymore with S after middle school and we didn’t stay in touch much because we had so different lives, I’ve realized how much the time we spent together affected me. For over nine years we grew together. And I guess that’s what the reunion will clarify for me even more, I’m scared of all the memories.

Wish I had put that last facebook-comment under her picture I was going to, to make sure she knew I still cared. Suddenly it was too late. But luckily there still are the rest 30 of us to gather to the reunion.

For my friend S.


2 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. Norppa Dear Norppa!!!
    “That’s why I feel like I need to make it clear already with my appearance that I’m cool, successful and done well in my life..”
    You ARE cool, succesful and done well with your life, my dear!!! No need to pretend!!!!
    Just let your flippers flow freely, and show them what you’re REALLY made of!!
    Greets and hugs from Cambodia,
    “Suski” 🙂

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