Oh Boys and Good Days

Due to some events around my close circle of friends I’ve started to lose faith in happy endings and people, especially the man-kind… Life’s just crazy sometimes. But then I had an amazing little holiday to cheer me up.

The last few days I’ve spent doing everything fun: First shopping with my cousin in Helsinki.

Outfit for the lunch date; a 6 euro shirt-find from the sales.

Then I headed to Tampere (first time this summer!). J picked me up from the train station, bought me a dinner and a bouquet of pink roses was waiting on the bed. So girls, there’s still hope. 😉

The next day I had lunch/ice cream/gossip session with my friend K.

Delicious cheese salad and K. After K’s work shift we still went for few drinks on a terrace. 

J’s feat. He won.


Friday I went mini-golfing and to have a dinner with my god parents and my cousins, Saturday I was just chilling.

You would think that coming back to Helsinki for work today would have been depressing after few perfect days, but luckily I had a small trick to soften that hard landing – package from Forever21 was here waiting for me.

At the moment I’m going for light and down to earth summer colors.

I’ve made the conclusion that even it sometimes seems that there’s no happy endings, at least there are excellent days that make it all worth it.

P.S. I bet this week will turn out pretty great too. I get to try my new clothes and I hope time will fly because on Friday I’m off to Sweden and my to favorite city ever: Stockholm! So a small Stockholm-extra maybe coming up later.


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