Toppen – that’s how my friend thanked me for the weekend in Stockholm, with a simple Swedish word; toppen. Is there equivalent word in English? Great, awesome, super, top? That’s what the weekend in Stockholm was. Just strolling around the city, eating good food, having fun, and most importantly: gossiping with H face to face for the first time in 6 months. 🙂

On the way to Stockholm with a ferry. My new glittery Forever21 top is quickly becoming a favorite. It’s neat for work but also suitable for a night out, which makes it perfect for traveling when you can’t pack much.

Arriving to beautiful Södermalm and Tegelvikshamnen feels always like home. Bandhagen where H lives was a new experience. And as you might notice, again I’m relying on my phone with the photos, too lazy to carry around the big camera…

Piece of art created by H and I. Shopping center Gallerian knows how to take care of tourists; free resting spot with internet / drawing device.

And a bit more great finds to take home…



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