Summer in the City

Summer has gone by way too fast, it’s already my last month in Helsinki! So here’s a few pics from what it’s like in here. These are from few weeks back when I got all touristy with my friend M. I should have done that more often, days of August are dwindling away and I haven’t done half of the things I planned to do while I’m in here. Well, I’m not sure yet what fall has to offer (work-wise), if anything. But you never know, I might just find myself here more often…

The Bridge of Love Helsinki-style. These things have just found their way to every city nowadays, huh?

I think the old buildings, boats and the sea are the best sides of the capital city.

This cathedral is probably the best known landmark in town…

M in Suomenlinna (Viaborg). This summer the weather has been pretty unsuitably cold for picnics, so all the cute island-picnics I’ve planned are still on my to-do-list.





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