I usually have long nerves, but when something big is about to happen, I want it fast! Like now, I’m almost done with Helsinki and about to start (potentially last year of) studies in Tampere. So I see no point in pinch and scraping these few last days Helsinki, when I can’t really do anything well since everything has to be packed and scrubbed by Friday night (Okay, the real reason I’m eager to move on from Helsinki might have something to do with the fact that I already watched all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars during this summer and now I don’t have anything fun to do on a lonely night at home! :D).

What makes this impatience worse, is that I don’t have to feel wistful at all, a contract (YAY!) I made today at work makes sure that I will be called in the future if extra-work-force is necessary. So Helsinki, I might be leaving but you won’t get rid of me so easily. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, I have so many plans for fall I want to start carrying out. Having get-togethers with my gals, styling home with J, maybe even starting to write my masters thesis (MAYBE!)… Ā And I’m actually excited about going to the university’s gym and exercising after a run-full summer. Can you believe it, the girl who spent weeks coming up with excuses to avoid PE-classes in middle school and who would have wanted to count the walk from the couch to the fridge as a proper work-out? Yep, woke up today at 6 am, just to have time for a run before work. I don’t even know myself anymore! If some people are still looking for their own inspiration, I bumped into this siteĀ Reasons to be fit. As dumb as some of the “wisdom’s” sound, I came a bit more enthusiastic because some of them.

“Because you never know what you can accomplish before you try”. So I just want skip this tangled end-of-summer-phase and jump to the new start — to try and to accomplish.


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