I decided to put my own contribution to all the facebook statuses declaring there’s snow in the ground, through my blog. Yes, my jogging path had changed pretty winterish during the night.That’s why me and my friends had the best possible timing carrying out our small fall-outing to the local observation tower yesterday. Today the roads would have been slippery and yesterday we still had the chance to see all the bright colors in the trees. There’s nothing like headless wandering, gossiping and a little shopping with friends in bitter, cold autumn air when you’ve just returned a dull essay and other responsibilites can still wait.

And they say the donuts in Pyynikin näkötorni are the best ones in Finland. Sometimes life is just good.

Ok, between all the best-things yesterday, I did do some schoolwork too, and took some new portraits of my friend H for a school assingment: “a person and her/his hobby”. But this assignment was fun. It’s probably because of the amazing modeling of H, that the pictures turned out as good as they did. 🙂


Small Town Blur

Last weekend I traveled North Karelia to my roots for grandmas funeral. There’s not much to do in a small town in eastern Finland, so I strolled around the sunny streets (okay, that one street there is) and did some art therapy by myself on a sunny saturday morning. It felt good to just think life and death and take pictures. I enjoyed the colors around me and went wild with the focus: didn’t care how inaccurate the pictures turned out.

Thanks for everything Grandma ❤

Remote Controlling

I don’t have any classes this week (kind of fall break, but intended for doing school stuff…) so I finally had the time to play with my new transmitters again. This time I tried out the remote control feature, and it worked fine right away (well, I admit that for short moment I thought one of the transmitters was broken, but I had just put it on a wrong frequency by mistake, ooops…).

The remote control ability in the transmitter is convenient for instance if you want to perpetuate yourself with your flash, like I did. 🙂 And again I forgot; never look straight into the flash. Why is it so hard to remember?

This means I’ll probably be heading to the store sometime soon to buy a new Yongnuo-flash. If the transmitters work, I’m sure the flashes work too (plus it’s the only flash I can afford just now).

But first back to homework…

Ode to Sundays

After a literally crazy week at work, what else do you need than a delicious Sunday brunch with great friends in this atmospheric city also known as my hometown?

Or a long walk in fresh air in this scenery?

My answer is: nothing. Especially when the brunch includes chocolate mousse, nam!

Tomorrow I’ll get back to Tampere with this energy-boost I gained today (so watch out J. 😉 I hope this good feeling lasts all week because I will need it, I have one essay to write and a reportage waiting to be photographed among other things……



On The Train Again

No matter how hard I try to stay still, I feel like my life is constantly moving from place to place and trains are my other (third?) home. I wonder if I’m ever settled to a place where my heart is complete, because there’s always friends and family all over.

This time I packed my bags for a week of work in Turku, yay! Well almost for a week, of course I have to visit Tampere in the middle of the week for school… and take the train again back and forth.

Views from the railwayside…