Remote Controlling

I don’t have any classes this week (kind of fall break, but intended for doing school stuff…) so I finally had the time to play with my new transmitters again. This time I tried out the remote control feature, and it worked fine right away (well, I admit that for short moment I thought one of the transmitters was broken, but I had just put it on a wrong frequency by mistake, ooops…).

The remote control ability in the transmitter is convenient for instance if you want to perpetuate yourself with your flash, like I did. 🙂 And again I forgot; never look straight into the flash. Why is it so hard to remember?

This means I’ll probably be heading to the store sometime soon to buy a new Yongnuo-flash. If the transmitters work, I’m sure the flashes work too (plus it’s the only flash I can afford just now).

But first back to homework…


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