I decided to put my own contribution to all the facebook statuses declaring there’s snow in the ground, through my blog. Yes, my jogging path had changed pretty winterish during the night.That’s why me and my friends had the best possible timing carrying out our small fall-outing to the local observation tower yesterday. Today the roads would have been slippery and yesterday we still had the chance to see all the bright colors in the trees. There’s nothing like headless wandering, gossiping and a little shopping with friends in bitter, cold autumn air when you’ve just returned a dull essay and other responsibilites can still wait.

And they say the donuts in Pyynikin näkötorni are the best ones in Finland. Sometimes life is just good.

Ok, between all the best-things yesterday, I did do some schoolwork too, and took some new portraits of my friend H for a school assingment: “a person and her/his hobby”. But this assignment was fun. It’s probably because of the amazing modeling of H, that the pictures turned out as good as they did. 🙂


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