A Day Off

Considering how tough it is to make in this journalism-business nowadays (meaning the bad economy, reduction of workforce and yet higher requirements…), even the best ones need a little break once in a while (Yes, the summer-job-hunting days are here again!). So this week me and my friends decided to head out to a pre-Christmas party, just to get a little breeze of relaxation from everything. And how would journalist celebrate if not dressing up as cartoon characters?

I dyed my hair slightly darker and made a Pocahontas costume out of a bag, scarf and necklace I found from flea market for a total of 3 euros.



Brassaï, part 2

Okay, trying to imitate Brassaï again for a school assignment. Boy, had some problems with the focus and the quality photographing in the dark. But how refreshing it was to just look for lights and shadows from familiar corners, never noticed before some of the places in Tampere are so romantic and quite cool at night. It never really hurts to get some tips from the great artists on your way becoming one yourself, right…? 😀

Tampere by night.

Working Out for Nicaragua

This week I’ve been sweating my ass off for Nicaragua, literally. I mean, I just discovered the university’s gym couple of weeks ago (I’ve only visited the gymnastic classes before), it only took me over four years to do that! And now I’m obsessed with the cross-trainers and treadmills. One good thing in traveling to warm places during the winter is that you are forced to think about “the bikini-shape” when it’s otherwise so easy to bury yourself under thick knits. And being in poor shape has got to change in some point, right…? I’m already thrilled to notice that now after only few weeks of active working out, I can already run just a little bit faster a little bit longer… So whether it’s going to be hiking up the Mombacho volcano in Granada or spending the night with giant turtles in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua I’m going to be up for it. Just month and a half to go before the take off!

With the right training shoes and music anything goes.

I’ve also started other preparations for the trip with full speed. Raised the insurance for my luggage (mostly for camera and computer) in case of robberies (I’m so scared of gun-point robberies after reading some travel guides) and already filled out ESTA  for United States.

Making sure all the information goes right…

And got the permission for entrance through visa waiver program!

How good it felt to see “welcome to the United States” on the computer screen when I was done with filling the form out! I’m excited for Nicaragua, but being able to visit the states too for few days… Oh, going to Minnesota too feels almost like going home. 🙂

Food Travels

When I’m stuck in Finland for a long while, I try to take small escapes abroad through food. It probably shows, but I’m just fond of good tastes. 😀 Here’s some examples I’ve tried this fall beside my favorite: thai-chinese-italian food axle.

Crepes for French taste. Salty…

and sweet.

Who wants to fly to Tokyo, when you can go to Maruseki in Tampere to eat sushi?

Archipelago and Scandinavian delicacies on the boat… Nam!

…And the desserts had an international flavor; from USA to Italy.

A cake for Finnish taste: lingonberry-vanilla-caramel cheesecake. Need I say more?

Next up in feasting plans: a birthday cake for one special J…

In Search of Brassaï-style

Straight from the boat to school… Lucky me, todays class was comfy: we paired up to take portrait-sketches according to role models everybody had chosen for themselves. I admired the romantic style of Brassaï with the mysteries of the night, light, shadows and some geometric forms. So I went to look for it and after an hour I came back with these shots.

Thanks to my classmate E for tolerating the modeling part.

It was sunny so I had to create the darkness to some pictures with a flash. I think I still need to work on that ‘feeling’ and getting more space in my pictures, but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with the Brassaï-style seasoned with my style. Or what do you think?