Souvenir Collection

Travel fever starts rising again. It’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere! Well thankfully there is stuff to do to relieve it, like today I called a nurse to check if I need any new vaccinations or malaria-drug to Nicaragua in the end of December. And I don’t, yay!

I also did some cleaning in the house and realized what a huge collection of souvenirs I have to watch and fiddle to calm down my delirious body that is longing to travel again. I’ve collected quite an impressive army of memories. Some bring back home magnets, badges or glasses from their trips, I bring earrings!

Wanna guess where are all of these from?

Here’s some small travel memories from my past adventures.

1. From Venice, on a small inter rail from Italy to Hungary, and my first backpacking experience in 2006 with two friends. Pretty fun and educational trip travel-wise.

2. Stockholm last summer. My favorite city ❤

3. Seoul, a family vacation in Korea on New Years 2009-2010. And the earrings are naturally from Forever 21. Mmm, shopping in Seoul…

4. Tuesday market in Pattaya, Thailand, from “the big Asia tour” last fall. I just love the camera shape. And I first thought I wouldn’t buy them (didn’t like the too light pink color with gold), because they cost like a huge amount: 40 cents!

5. Oh, from somewhere along the Romantic Road in Germany in 2009. Traveling with a special American family, N&T… and with a really nice car.

6. Nightmarket in Luang Prabang, last fall. Award for myself for defeating the worst tummy-bug e-v-e-r I got from Cambodia.

7. Minnesota, my foreign exchange student times in 2005. I was looking jewellery for prom, and ended up buying a surprise bag with those in it. Later found the right earrings to prom form Target.

8. Paris! Last autumn. Actually a pair of those earrings got stolen with my wallet, but I was more sad about them than losing all the money and cards so my lovely friend K bought me a new pair. Last one from that store. ❤

9. Handicrafts market in Bukarest, Romania with J in 2010. I used these constantly, until the other piece of the pair broke…

10. Small get-away to Estonia. In 2010 maybe?

And this wasn’t even all of them. A pair of big pearls from Nice, hippie earrings from Edinburgh… I think I should learn to control myself a bit more with these. 😀


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