Night Shift

What happens when you put me and my friend A working all night (12 hours!) for a reportage of day-night-care? Well, we tested it this week and it turned out to be lots of hilarious laugh-spasms, overdoses on chocolate and awwwwing for cute children.

We are doing the reportage of around the clock day-care from the children’s point of views so we thought it’s mandatory to try to orientate ourselves into the kid’s world. So when the kids were at sleep we sneaked into their playgrounds… Not at all professional but a lot of fun.

Doing school/work assignments can sometimes look like this.

I wanted to play grocery store.

A shows how we roll!

I had so much lack of sleep after that night, that I haven’t had the time or energy to go through the pictures yet. So the outcome of our outstanding reportage remains to be seen later. 😉

But first, more fun a head this weekend; first some family time in Turku since it’s father’s day weekend and then a small cruise with A and H, can’t wait for the ships buffet… 😛



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