Happy Stress-Free-Mas

Don’t I just love the sound of silence and the tiredness that gets to you when all is done. I just returned my last coursework for this semester, holiday season can finally begin! So maybe now on I just relax on the couch, visit the gym for the last time this year, watch the final (ever) episode of Gossip Girl and then tomorrow head to Turku to get some more rest.

It's looking like Christmas in here.

It’s looking like Christmas in here, hope the holiday spirit has wafted all the way to Turku too.

The only thing there is still to do, is to pack though. I need to pack for Turku and for Nicaragua (less than two weeks for the departure!) and then there’s the gifts Santa’s little helpers dropped by, that need to be carried under the Christmas tree… But I’ve decided, there’s no more vacancy in my head for stress this year, so I’ll  rather concentrate on the good things holidays offer: sleep, chocolate… and moments like this:


Happy Holiday Season you all! 🙂


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