Back in the States

It’s funny how in one single day you can travel from someplace to an other completely different. Like from a development country to a country there’s  more than enough of everything. From a small dirty room with a broken fan to a big air-conditioned house where the bathroom is bigger than the room you left from (and there’s enough towels to build a tent to live in!). It’s funny how you can visit a textile factory on Tuesday and see the workers working with a minimum wage, and on Saturday shop the clothes made in that same factory from America’s biggest mall. It’s funny when your phone doesn’t have reception at all, and suddenly you are texting with your smartphone and updating your blog with an iPad.

So yes, even many of the things above are possible in Central America too, I’m definitely out from Nicaragua already, back in the US after nearly five years from my last visit. And the contrast between these two countries feels huge, even though you can get from Miami to Managua in only two and a half hours. Crazy! But it’s nice to be back on the familiar neighborhoods, cold fresh Minnesotan air feels comfortable and cozy after sweating for two weeks. But coming straight from Nicaragua sure makes me realize how luxurious life can be for many people, and how simple for others…


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