My relaxing sleeping-off-the jet lag -weekend has been shadowed by a hard decision I have to make by Monday. My life was good and mellow, had a nice summer planned working in Helsinki again. That was UNTIL I got offered an internship in the US for six months, starting in April. And it would be in Michigan, on the beautiful peninsula by Lake Superior, amazingly pretty in the summer season, I hear.

So now it’s up to me to decide, whether I burn my bridges here in Finland, and take the chance to live my American dream to the fullest for half an year again, or settle in my comfort zone here (which is really fine too!) and cry after the once in a lifetime opportunity I never took? The internship intervenes with my studies and money is also an issue. The internship isn’t paid, so by moving to the US, I basically just lose money, and won’t be able to travel anywhere else… And by working in Finland, I get more money in 3 months, than in 6 months in there (I already have a few possible destinations to spend it on picked up…). But the experience…!

I’m elated by the fact I’ve been offered both of these great opportunities, but making big decisions has never been my strongest feature. So could someone – please – just choose one or the other for me? I know “everything happens for a reason”, “what ever you decide, it’s the right choice”… But it’s certainly easier to believe in those words of wisdom, when your own life is out of the equation.


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