When ever a new ferry starts traveling from my home town, it’s a big deal among the locals. So was Viking Grace, when it started taking passengers to Stockholm in January. On Sunday, I got to see what all the fuzz was about. And I must admit, even though I don’t think the boat it still a world-class cruise ship, there was significant improvement to its predecessor, Viking Isabella. I loved how the decor was stylish, modern and yet playful. It looked like they had especially invested in light because there were all kinds of funky lamps…

IMG_8995 IMG_9026 IMG_9032 IMG_8987 IMG_9006 IMG_9019

My travel outfit for Grace:

outfit grace

Top / Carrion -Nicaragua
Skirt / H&M- Finland
Shoes / Forever21 -USA
Jacket and purse / Second hand


Nail Art For Weekend Getaways

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a week now, and laying tucked in my bed, inside the same walls starts to get a bit boring. Flu – I’m ready to let you go!

I tried to spend the bearable feverish-moments to study for my master’s thesis but some how the feminist media studies suddenly had a drowsy effect on me. And even I’m sick, sleeping all of the time is out the question, thanks to certain small Urho-dog, who needs his caretaker or thing start to get chewed…

So last night, I decided to do my nails to entertain myself, here’s the results:


Golden nailpolish / sales find from Gina Tricot
Nail stickers / impulsive buy last spring from Seppälä


IMG_8826Hope these nails are as long-lasting as they are pretty: I have a long weekend ahead! (If only I get better first!)

Plans include: Saturday; Housewarming party in Helsinki. Sunday: Urho’s play-date in Turku and I’m off to a new ferry Viking Grace. Monday & Tuesday: Stockholm!!!



…Are for holding on to.
– Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh knows everything.

Valentine’s Day went by yesterday as I was trying to fight against a flu. It’s good that there’s a reminder every year of the important persons in your life, but friends and loved ones should be remembered everyday, not just one day in a year. And lying on the couch, withstanding against the cold, I realized I don’t really mind missing out of celebrating Valentine’s (well, I wouldn’t have protested against getting a bouquet of flowers, J! ;)). Because it seems like it’s here all year around…

IMG_8783 IMG_8777 IMG_8770


Even I just said I don’t believe in the syrup-sentences once a year (this flu is probably softening me), thanks to all the lovely sweethearts for being in my life! You are special. ❤

The Small Luxuries in Life

Even sounding as hipster as possible, I have to say, who ever invented brunch with friends was a genius. There’s no combination better than good company and good food. Today we headed to Hullu Poro here at Tampere for brunch. Even I’ve enjoyed the first week with the puppy, it was nice to get some fresh air and human-company.

Perfect way to spend a Sunday. Even though the feeling after eating for two hours isn't the best...

Perfect way to spend a Sunday. Even though the feeling after eating for two hours isn’t the best…

Coming home is always nice too, especially now when there's the cutest Urho waiting.

Coming home is always nice too, especially now when there’s the cutest Urho waiting for me.

Belly full of delicacies, I also got some work done… Hopefully the massive (okay, massive as for an occasionally lazy person who is busy taking care of a sly chihuahua pup) editing-all-the-Nicaragua-photos-task will be soon over. Though I will miss working with these colors and pictures of friendly people who just are natural talents for posing.

Glimpse to our story about trade unions operation in Nicaragua.