Nail Art For Weekend Getaways

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a week now, and laying tucked in my bed, inside the same walls starts to get a bit boring. Flu – I’m ready to let you go!

I tried to spend the bearable feverish-moments to study for my master’s thesis but some how the feminist media studies suddenly had a drowsy effect on me. And even I’m sick, sleeping all of the time is out the question, thanks to certain small Urho-dog, who needs his caretaker or thing start to get chewed…

So last night, I decided to do my nails to entertain myself, here’s the results:


Golden nailpolish / sales find from Gina Tricot
Nail stickers / impulsive buy last spring from Seppälä


IMG_8826Hope these nails are as long-lasting as they are pretty: I have a long weekend ahead! (If only I get better first!)

Plans include: Saturday; Housewarming party in Helsinki. Sunday: Urho’s play-date in Turku and I’m off to a new ferry Viking Grace. Monday & Tuesday: Stockholm!!!


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