Lunch Time

Lunch is one of my favorite parts of the day. It brings a small, relaxing break to work or studying, and it’s always welcome either I’m spending it just by myself or catching up with friends. And besides traveling and photographing, food (cooking & baking) is one of my first picks to spend my past time. Food (and tasting different kinds of it) is also one reason that makes traveling as fun as it is.

So even though student budget is limiting, I like to spend the little money I have pretty often to good food. Lets face it, it would be many times cheaper to eat unhealthy and greasy convenience food (which – I won’t deny – sometimes tastes good), but it wouldn’t feel right doing it everyday. So I try find great deals and come up with reasonable, easy on the pocket -choices. Like the other day, there was an offer for the avocados in the grocery store near by. I had some left over cheese from cooking pasta so I created this salad, adding some cheap delicious air-dried ham to it. NAM!




Any lunch is good, when you take it from a fridge where there are messages like this written on the door. ❤ “Little box of love” -magnetic words from Fotografiska, Stockholm.


My lunch date for the day fled to his own trug. He wasn’t too pleased when begging didn’t get him any results…


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