Dreams Come True

I mentioned a while ago how I’m dreaming about a “bigger” trip for fall. And now, it is actually happening!!!

I was really struggling with the money issue — can I go, can’t I go, how do I live until the trip? But I think I’ve got it covered and why wait, when I can still travel young? Sure I have to cut down some expenses, make sacrifices from other things, but I’d rather see the world now, when I still have a body that works and eyes that actually see.

So here we go, to the United States in September! Is there a better way to end a summer? It’s my fourth visit to US ever, but I’m going to see lots of new places. First Miami and the Keys for few days, then flying out to LA and probably roadtripping up to San Fransisco and to Grand Canyon etc. And then I can digest everything new in safe and sound Minnesota. Ah, I’ve been looking forward to warm summer days, but now I almost wish it would be fall already! 🙂

Dreaming is just the best thing ever invented and even better when you can make those dreams come true… We seem to be quite a team in this travel-dreams-come-true-project with my friend K.  ❤


Sunday Outing

Today one of my long-term dreams came true: a sunny Sunday outing in good company and with a dog of my own! Urho made his debut as a “hiker” and at first the progress was slow, but it got better after a while.

We weren’t the only one who had gotten the idea to walk up to the fritter/doughnut-tower in Pyynikki. But days like this just make life and living in Finland good, traveling abroad isn’t always necessary…

20130421162636-tile SAMSUNG

Made it all the way up to the cafe at the tower.

Made it all the way up to the cafe at the tower.

Stopping by the fish market on our way back, craving for friend vendace...

Stopping by the fish market on our way back, craving for fried vendace…


Day As A Princess

I’m not the only one who has passed one milestone age-wise lately. Me and two of my friends decided to celebrate getting old together. Of course the theme for the party could be described with words “princess-like” and “childish”. We had so much fun, the program included for example angling… just like good old days and bd-parties. And the venue was aptly what else than my parents residence 🙂




Thanks to everyone who helped in the arrangements and came to celebrate with us!

Dreaming Big

I haven’t been out of Finland since the small Stockholm-visit in the end of February. Boy, I’m starting to be rooted here! (If it’s possible in this icy, snow frosted land…)

I have no obligations in May since work starts in June, so I thought I could go somewhere nice, just here in Europe. But then I thought again, that maybe I could just save the money, and do something bigger and more spectacular next fall… Like a road trip in the country we all adore… USA! Okay, I know I won’t have the time or the money to drive across the whole country. But how about just a look-see trip with a pancake-mozzarella stick-cheesecake-coke-diet?

I already have the places to visit and flights picked out…

(Had to exceptionally borrow some pictures through Google search, hope no-one will mind!)

Now I just have to make it happen! Are you with me, K? 😉

Hey Girl…

…It’s my birthday! Haha, I wonder when I have to update the description in my blogs about-text from “twenty something” to “closer to her fifties”… Because today I reached a quarter of a century. I’m old! But I still get to keep my childish style and kittenish attitude, right? And  play a little silly person once in a while?

Some time ago...

It’s been a while from this!

More than worrying about age crisis, I feel contented having had the life I’ve had though, with so many wonderful experiences and relatively little bad things happening to me to this age. Having the best parents and being able to meet all kinds of wonderful people all over the world I can now call friends, to mention just a few of the things I’m joyful for.

To celebrate my birthday, I decided it’s time to switch the winter coat for my spring jacket and dress up to a new dress, but not in too grown-up-style one. As a birthday present for myself I had naturally ordered a package from Forever21 a week before… Isn’t this the age I can start dreaming the name of the clothing brand would have been possible for me? 😀

I'm wearing: Green parka - VILA Stockholm, Bag - JCPenneys USA, Scarf - Seppälä Finland

I’m wearing: Green parka – VILA Stockholm, Bag – JCPenneys USA, Scarf – Seppälä Finland

Dress / Forever21 Europe

Panel dress with scalloped hem / Forever21 Europe

My favorite accesories.

My favorite accessory — not for sale (if he learns to behave, that is…. ;)). 25 years and less than 6 months of life experience in the same picture.

New studded head band / Forvever21

New studded head band / Forvever21