Dreaming Big

I haven’t been out of Finland since the small Stockholm-visit in the end of February. Boy, I’m starting to be rooted here! (If it’s possible in this icy, snow frosted land…)

I have no obligations in May since work starts in June, so I thought I could go somewhere nice, just here in Europe. But then I thought again, that maybe I could just save the money, and do something bigger and more spectacular next fall… Like a road trip in the country we all adore… USA! Okay, I know I won’t have the time or the money to drive across the whole country. But how about just a look-see trip with a pancake-mozzarella stick-cheesecake-coke-diet?

I already have the places to visit and flights picked out…

(Had to exceptionally borrow some pictures through Google search, hope no-one will mind!)

Now I just have to make it happen! Are you with me, K? 😉


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