Dreams Come True

I mentioned a while ago how I’m dreaming about a “bigger” trip for fall. And now, it is actually happening!!!

I was really struggling with the money issue — can I go, can’t I go, how do I live until the trip? But I think I’ve got it covered and why wait, when I can still travel young? Sure I have to cut down some expenses, make sacrifices from other things, but I’d rather see the world now, when I still have a body that works and eyes that actually see.

So here we go, to the United States in September! Is there a better way to end a summer? It’s my fourth visit to US ever, but I’m going to see lots of new places. First Miami and the Keys for few days, then flying out to LA and probably roadtripping up to San Fransisco and to Grand Canyon etc. And then I can digest everything new in safe and sound Minnesota. Ah, I’ve been looking forward to warm summer days, but now I almost wish it would be fall already! 🙂

Dreaming is just the best thing ever invented and even better when you can make those dreams come true… We seem to be quite a team in this travel-dreams-come-true-project with my friend K.  ❤


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