Last Week

Monday is good to start with recollecting what happened the past week. Even though, in this case it wasn’t nothing special. My week was shadowed by a spring flu, but still I got to do some fun summery stuff, like eat grilled food for the first time!

Here are few mobile snapshots of last week.

toukokuu1. Preparing a little something as a surprise for the best mom in the world. :)/ 2. Spending some time with the thesis-project./ 3. Checking out my summerhoods, can you recognize the place? / 4. Getting a late birthday present and radiant skin. 😉

toukokuu21. Finally the weather to take summer shoes out for a walk! / 2. First picnic of the year with delicious lunch. / 3. Urho became a master in panting because of the warm weather. / 4. The taste of the first fresh strawberry!

I’m kind of happy I get to spend a lot of “normal” time this week like I did this past week too, since I realized summer with the changes it brings is only three weeks away! And for next week I also have something special planned. 😉


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