Or Danzig… What can I say, it was beautiful (at least the old town), yet cold and rainy. There’s not a lot of times you can fly back to Finland and it’s warmer here, but this time it was. That’s why most of our time in Gdansk we spent inside or looking for a place where we could get into to hide from the rain and cold. So some sightseeing, lot of shopping and even more eating to sum up my last few days.

Camera stayed a lot in my bag because of the weather, but here’s some shots of how Gdansk appeared to me on my first visit there.


Dlugi Targ, the centre of old Gdansk.


Too many decorative things and delicious cakes!


Famous Neptun fountain in centre of old town.



View from the top the tower of “Bazylika Mariacka”, one of the biggest churches in Europe. The climb was worth it.


My hippie it’s summer but it’s freezing -look. 🙂


Oh, those houses, see the rooftops?



The beach in Sopot. Our plan was to rent bicycles and cycle from Gdansk to Sopot, but the cold weather made us take the local train SKM instead. It was easy to travel with and I got stop in the biggest mall of the three-cities area, Galleria Baltycka on the way back. 😉


It’s windy on Europe’s longest pier in Sopot. Had no idea it costs to visit the pier, but I guess that’s tourism. 7 zlotys wasn’t bad for the view…


Cute little mysterious park in Sopot.


Loving the canals in Gdansk!


My nightly atmosphere and view to Dlugi Targ from the hotel window.


4 thoughts on “Gdańsk

    • Yeah, we had to leave early in the morning (6 am) and walk through old town to catch our return flight, the morning hours were so calm and quiet, I really liked that atmosphere…

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