Apartment Neptun

Just for the love of pink and light green colors I have to make an extra post about our apartment style accommodation in Gdansk. We stayed in Apartment Neptun on Dlugi Targ (even though the entrance is from ul. Kusnierska). And I must say, the interior design had a lot of Ikea(-like?)-choices I could have made in my own home too at least color-wise, despite some tasteless glass “art” on the walls and the yellow paint…

The good sides in apartment hotels are that you can cook and they are normally cheaper and more spacious than normal hotel rooms. Though, there’s no reception or any kind of service then available. Even though I thought the interior decor was kind of nice and cozy (and I mean nice, not marvelous), I can’t really recommend this specific apartment to anyone who wants to sleep at night and doesn’t own good earplugs. The noise from the bar downstairs was really — I mean REALLY, “can it seriously be so vociferous all the way to fourth floor” — loud.


The kitchen. There was a modest breakfast in the refrigerator.


The bathroom was really stylish, just too dark for my taste.


My parents bedroom for the stay.


Some neat details.


And the living room, also known as “my room” and the tv-room.



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