End of an Era

This week has been about Tampere, about packing and moving, about goodbyes and new phases. Today Urho took off to Turku to his summer home with my parents. One of my best friends also had the same direction, this time for good. To do my bit in this chaos of separation, I’ll move to Helsinki tomorrow.

Feels like some sort of transition-time is on, there are a lot of changes in the air since summer-jobs start and graduation from university begins to really seem like reality maybe even with in a year. And then “real life” should kick in. Scary and exciting at the same time!

But first I’ll worry about surviving another summer as a photo editor and staying in the swim of current events and celebrity gossip in a brisk and busy news room. Hope you’re ready for me, Helsinki! 😉

This weeks snapshots

This weeks snapshots


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