The Beauty in the Cold

The past days have been freezing — like really freezing — in Finland. I’m talking about at least 15 celsius degrees frigidity. Part of me loves the weather; with the sunshine (for the two hours we get it everyday…) it’s so beautiful. If it wasn’t that cold, I could just stand outside and stare at the snow-covered trees and plants for ages.

One day I had to defy the frost for a couple of minutes and I walked few minutes with my camera by the shore of the lake and the beginning of a small stream that’s right behind our house. So pretty! We’ve been getting some cool halo-effects in the dark too.

Sometimes there’s just no place like Finland…

IMG_5112 IMG_5126 IMG_5183 IMG_5186 IMG_5202 IMG_5204 Poor ducks, how do they survive?IMG_5216 IMG_5231IMG_5128


Light show from our balcony. Too bad I could get a better picture, it was too cold to stand outside and try.




4 thoughts on “The Beauty in the Cold

  1. Onpa hullua, mäkin aina valokuvailin tota kirkontornia meidän parvekkeelta… Elämä etenee jänniä polkuja pitkin aina välillä! :>

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