Back On Track


Yayyy, I’m finally getting some relief to this constant urge to travel. Just booked a small three nights and two days holiday to Budapest for April! It’s all I could do with the few days I get off from work. I’ve been in Budapest once before (it was the last stop of a mini-InterRail-trip) but it’s been a while. Didn’t even own a simple digital camera back then and flew back with a budget airline called Sterling, don’t think that even exists anymore…?

Oh those times!

IMG_5491 IMG_5499


Me Time


Spending some quality time by myself relaxing with a cup of chai tea on my favorite spot: the bed. IMG_5456

Almost forgot my new best friend, thesis, for a moment there. Oh crap, it seems to be really the clinging sort… And like it just can’t let go of me! My evening will be spent closely with it and the text editor. Hope you’re having better company for Valentine’s Day!


Maybe I’ll survive, knowing tomorrow I’ll get my mind of things. I’ll be heading to Helsinki first time after last summer (!) to spend some time with the super-duper K. Maybe we even come up with some new adventure plans… 😉 Can’t wait!

IMG_5482 IMG_5477 IMG_5469

When You Can’t Go Far…

…Make the remote countries come to you. That’s my solution to everything. Well maybe not to everything, but when I feel like traveling and I can’t, I like to cook food from different countries, mostly oriental, like Indian, Thai… It makes me feel good. Mostly probably so, because I like food, but also because for a short moment I can taste the exotic in it.

Last night it was time for some Japanese: sushi. Not that I would have ever been in Japan, but based on my prejudice, I envision being there would taste like sushi — good. This was the third time in my life that I made sushi, so it didn’t quite turn out like a restaurant version, haha. But we got it eaten. 😉

IMG_5357 IMG_5382 IMG_5392 IMG_5401 IMG_5428 IMG_5441

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