Up Next Weekend: Budapest

This time next week we are already in Budapest with J! Trying to figure out what to do there, since we only have two days… I mostly want to relax but also hope to do some sightseeing. All the necessary stuff like hotel and airport transportation have been taken care of, so now it’s time to focus on the things to do:

– I remember Castle Hill and there especially Fisherman’s Bastion have a beautiful view over the city, and I want to see it again.

– Hmmm, walking around the city and Danube to see all the bridges and buildings is a must, but I guess that will sort out what ever we decide to do.

– Never tried traditional public baths, maybe that could be a way to clear my mind of stress, soaking in one of them? But which one? There is at least Széchenyi SpaGellért Baths and some other modern ones I’ve heard of.

– Shopping! There’s no holiday without shopping. 🙂 I’m hoping the West End City Center will take care of this one. Or maybe a short visit to the shopping street Váci utca. Heading to Vaci could also include a stop in the Great Market Hall… Decisions, decisions…!

But what else? Is that enough for two days or should we squeeze something else? Is there something so special we can’t miss, a museum, gallery, a sight?

At least the weather seems promising for anything we decide to do, plus 18 celsius degrees and mostly sunny. Can’t wait!!!!


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