Our dog U has been a convalescent this week. He had cryptorchidism so he had to be castrated. I was prepared for a sad and tired puppy for several days. But the hardest part in his recovery has been keeping him calm enough, so his stitches won’t rip.urhooo1

The second hardest thing is preventing him from licking the wound. We got a plastic collar from the vet, but this mister wasn’t pleased with it. The first thing he did after waking up from anesthesia was to paw at the collar and try to make it disappear. Thankfully they make these “wound overalls” nowadays that dogs can wear that cover the wounds. Of course I wanted one.IMG_6307


U has to wear it at least 10 days, so of course I needed an extra piece so I could wash the original once in a while (this dog tends to get everything messy…). So I found a baby’s body from the flea market, just his size. 😀




IMG_6517Now we just have to make sure we won’t barge into the chihuahua-girl next door in 10 days with this outfit. It would totally wreck U’s cool image and bad boy charm. 😉



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