Now & Then


I was celebrating two graduations last weekend back at my hometown. Now that many of my friends are close to graduating or have just graduated (like me, master since Monday, wohoo!) what’s next is a popular topic in conversations. If only I knew the answer!

My friends kept asking me, if I have considered coming back to Turku, now that school is done. I really haven’t much, even though when I first left Turku, I always swore I’d move back. But as one friend reminded me, the amount of open jobs on my field in my hometown (or close to it), is z-e-r-o at the moment. And I think my life has already started to strike root elsewhere, but you never know…

The questions got me thinking how much I miss Turku, my family and all my friends there though. And how much I’m missing out when I’m not there. But I guess I just have to accept the fact, and remember that for all of those times lost maybe I’ve gotten something else instead? Six years living in Tampere has left its marks too.

The truth just is, when you once leave, there’s no turning back. I’ve known it since I was sixteen and left for an exchange semester in the USA. I’ve never been whole again. Where ever I choose to or end up living, I’m sure I’ll always miss something. But that’s life. And it doesn’t mean one couldn’t be happy, because there’s always the bright side in everything, right?

At the moment life in Tampere is treating good, but on Sunday it’s time to head to Helsinki again for the summer. Somehow leaving feels more exciting now that I’ve graduated. Maybe nothing special happens, but if opportunities show up, what better time to grab them! University won’t be slowing me down anymore. 😉

These pictures are from one afternoon last week, trying to make the most of the last Tampere-days for now.

IMG_6764 IMG_6793 IMG_6803 IMG_6775 IMG_6781

For some people I might post too much of dog-pictures in here, but U is just too cute! And I think he always has the best way to express moods and feelings. Sometimes it’s just better not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy summer. 🙂

IMG_6800 IMG_6827-horz


Weight Off (My Shoulders)

I’m talking about the weight of my thesis. Finally got the results today, and it seems like it is all really finally over. No last-minute massive mistakes showed up. Phewwww! Only a small bureaucratic detail standing between me and graduation anymore. Yay!

But talking about weight, now that thesis is over, I think I need to shake off the other kind of “thesis weight” too — the physical kind. Long hours sitting by the laptop, rewarding yourself for writing one more page and so on. It’s not hard to guess a part of that process stays on the waist as a memory of all the countless times shared with the text editor and books. Fortunately some (fairly) healthy foods taste good too. 😛 My favorites at the moment: chicken pesto salad and asparagus. And as a dessert: fresh strawberries, Turkish yogurt, honey roasted cashews and a hint of syrup. YUMMY!


 (It’s easy to eat too much of these though, so they might not have the desired effect on weight…)

Camera Trouble

The feeling when you have a clean sensor in your camera — priceless (or at least worth 40 euros)!

I don’t know if you remember when I already complained about my dusty sensor after the trip to the US last fall?

The sky on Miami beach wasn't that clear through my camera last September.

The sky on Miami beach wasn’t that clear through my camera last September.

That’s when I first noticed it. I’ve had the camera for five years and it’s never been cleaned so I guess this isn’t that surprising, considering all the corners of the world I’ve carried it with me.

Since fall I’ve taken my camera and it’s manual in to my hands a few times with the intentions to clean the sensor, but I’ve chickened out. Of course I tried the automatic cleaning function also multiple times… I also tried to spray compressed air into the camera, which according to some Google-sources is a MISTAKE. Don’t do that. It might actually make the dust go deeper into the camera, in other words: make it harder or impossible to clean.

As you might have noticed, I like to use big aperture when I take pictures (from f1.8 to f5 etc.) so occasionally I’ve happily forgot I had that problem. The dust is usually invisible then. But taking bright scenery pictures in Budapest and using a small aperture was a real wake up call. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to seek professional help. 😀


The problem was this bad in Budapest...

The problem was this bad in Budapest… I know.

I left my camera to a camera service for 24 hours, paid 40 euros and it was totally worth it. I haven’t taken this neat pictures in a while! 😉 By myself I probably would have destroyed the whole camera trying to get it clean. I’m just glad my compressed air -tests didn’t do that yet.

Look at that clean sky!

Look at that clean sky!

From now on I’m for sure paying closer attention to storing my camera too. For example, I won’t let it stay on the table unprotected from dust anymore!

Eating Out


By eating out I don’t refer to eating out in a restaurant now, I’m referring to eating out.

In Finland first of May, May Day, or “vappu” as we call it, is a big deal. People study the weather forecasts weeks before — depending on if it looks good or bad, we consider our options, should we do that traditional picnic anyway or choose a brunch inside? You’ve got to eat do something special for the holiday, right? 😉 Most people defy the weather anyway and hold on to their picnics, whether it rains or snows. But that’s what vappu is partly about, a sign of summer: time to enjoy the outdoors no matter what. At the latest, it’s the time for those first picnics of the year.

Fritters are the speacial vappu-food. I made glazed doughnuts this year.

Fritters are the special vappu-food. I made glazed doughnuts this year.


The celebration of the students and the proletariats -- time to wear your cap!

May Day… The celebration of the students and the proletarians — time to wear your cap!

IMG_6625 IMG_6653 IMG_6661 IMG_6665IMG_6658