Weight Off (My Shoulders)

I’m talking about the weight of my thesis. Finally got the results today, and it seems like it is all really finally over. No last-minute massive mistakes showed up. Phewwww! Only a small bureaucratic detail standing between me and graduation anymore. Yay!

But talking about weight, now that thesis is over, I think I need to shake off the other kind of “thesis weight” too — the physical kind. Long hours sitting by the laptop, rewarding yourself for writing one more page and so on. It’s not hard to guess a part of that process stays on the waist as a memory of all the countless times shared with the text editor and books. Fortunately some (fairly) healthy foods taste good too. 😛 My favorites at the moment: chicken pesto salad and asparagus. And as a dessert: fresh strawberries, Turkish yogurt, honey roasted cashews and a hint of syrup. YUMMY!


 (It’s easy to eat too much of these though, so they might not have the desired effect on weight…)


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